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What is VSec?

VSec is foremost an infosec-community by the community. We aim to contribute to the Danish Infosec Community by offering a medium to meet and create with other great information security interested individuals, including facilitating and supporting that process. More concrete we want to offer the following:

  • Community communication platform on Discord - Join us!
  • Community Projects hosted on the VSec GitHub Organization
  • Events by and for the InfoSec community facilitated by VSec and the community groups
  • Website with:
    • Information Security related community blog, for both experienced professionals and students in the infosec field
    • Event calendar making it possible to get an overview of all non-profit danish information security events
    • Overview over Danish infosec communities
    • Lists of verified community members and moderators

Community Pledge

We the VSec community pledge to aim to be a community for the community by uniting security interested people while respecting that all humans are equal. Members in the VSec community are therefor expected to act accordingly to the Code of Conduct to make sure that everybody feels included and welcome in our community.

English as publishing language

We have chosen English as the main language for our website and public community contributions (projects, blogs) since they might be valuable to broader audience than the VSec members. Local community events on the otherhand could be held in Danish and/or English.

Leadership and rules

VSec is run by a community board that consists of one or more members from each larger organized community group in Denmark but with the possibility for the founder to enforce veto on decisions that might contradict directly with the community pledge, Code of Conduct and/or sole purpose of VSec.

How to contribute

You can contribute in multiple ways by community blogging, facilitate InfoSec events or make community projects, please refer to our contributing page for more information or reach out to us on Discord.

Call for sponsors and contributors

VSec currently needs sponsors and/or contributors for the following:

  • Visual profile consisting of a multi purpose logo, color palette and optional typography.
  • Graphics for Discord and Social Media profiles (YouTube, Twitter etc.).
  • Animated scenes and graphics for streaming events.
  • Merchandise (InfoSec Swag) for giveaways during events and small contests on Discord.

Please read what you will get out of sponsoring by reading the sponsor section and contract, if you are interested in sponsoring VSec. The information can be found on the contributing page.

All contributions are welcome and valuable/large community contributions/sponsors will be featured on the VSec website.

This is a project of compassion and sharing

This project springs from the love of infosec and being able to share and build this between all of us, We welcome you onboard and are looking much forward to getting together both virtually and physically.

On behalf of the VSec Community
Kristian Bodeholt