VSec is a danish non-profit InfoSec community that are trying to “unify” the different local infosec groups in Denmark by providing a shared communication platform. VSec is meant to be a community for the community by the community, therefor all the local community crew members has the possibility to be part of the community board channel and control how the community is run/handled (CoC, guidelines, rules, events etc.). The different sub-community crew’s handle their own sub-channels on the community server.


E-mail: [email protected]


If any information on this website is confusing, incorrect, or incomplete, feel free to reach out on discord or open an issue for help.


December 2021 - 400 Members
September 2021 - 350 Members
July 2021 - 300 Members
June 2021 - 250 Members, first event on VSec by OWASP Copenhagen
September 2020 - VSec was founded by Kristian Bodeholt