Tired of trying to get enough energy to do a InfoSec related projects and have a small but viable idea? Try Community Project 4000! You get to work with other workaholics so that you can sleep on your dayjob, since you have now sorted your problems as a community with other awesome members of VSec.

Each project will need an initial approval from the VSec Community Board to be included in the VSec repository, but generally we accept most contributions as long as the project has potential. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Topic
  • Short project description
  • Contributors

Issues and Pull Requests

  • If you’re not sure about adding something, open an issue to discuss it.
  • Feel free to open a Pull Request early so that a discussion can be had as changes are developed.

Community project guidelines

  • Projects must be related to Information Security and be relevant to either the VSec community members and/or general public.
  • Projects must be open source under the MIT license.
  • Projects are reviewed by the VSec community and might be discarded or archived (with notice) due to quality or being unmaintained.