VSec is a thriving newly founded (September 2020) information security community that are trying to unify the different local fragmented community groups on a shared communication (Discord) and code contribution (GitHub) platform.

The target audience is IT and information security consultants, information security officers and other security professionals combined with an interesting mix of students. This is a unique opportunity to build your brand towards a very senior and targeted security audience and some of the future security professionals. VSec has 250 members as of June 2021. This will likely increase further in 2021 since we will start to experiment with facilitating streaming event towards a larger audience etc. With this sponsorship you have the chance to be part of something unique, right from the very beginning. Going forward, as a founding sponsor, you will have an advantage towards others who weren’t there from the beginning.

VSec have procured a sponsor package available to any company who wishes to support VSec.

Regardless of the amount sponsored by your organization, the following benefits are included in the package if you get accepted as a sponsor of VSec:

  • Each sponsor will be advertised for at least a month on the VSec website https://www.vsec.dk together with a link to the sponsors web site.
  • Each sponsor representives will be provided with a custom role representing said company on Discord for the timeframe.
  • Each sponsor may be allowed to do giveaways, games and challenges, but only in a dedicated channel on Discord, we will however annonce sponsor happenings to the community etc.
  • Each sponsor will be listed with logo on all introduction scenes/presentations during streaming events facilitated by VSec.

The VSec community has the right to accept or decline sponsors at their own discretion. Do note the following:

  • Sponsorship is not a fast lane for presenting commercial content; sponsorship will not automatically give you a presentation slot at events. Sponsors are however encouraged to submit talks for events.
  • Lists of attendees will not be provided since privacy is a strong concern for most of our attendees.
  • We encourage our sponsors to respect the core idea of the VSec community, Code of Conduct and community pledge. o “VSec is community-driven and for shareing information, building events and projects for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration.

If you need a formal contract to support VSec, please read the below requriments that always apply to a VSec sponsorship.

Validity: This contract is valid for month after start of the sponsorship if not otherwise agreed upon. The contract is only valid after the successful payment of the sponsor fee or receivement of sponsorship goods.

Grant of license: The VSec community grants the sponsor a non-exclusive license to use the VSec name, logotype and any published artwork on the BSides København website for the purpose of promoting VSec or promoting the sponsor. The sponsor grants VSec the rights to use sponsor’s logo and company name in any event material and on the VSec website and agree to appear as a sponsor on potential VSec event material, press material and similar.

Termination: This contract can be terminated by either party at any time with one week notice. If the contract is terminated by the sponsor the sponsor fee is forfeit and the sponsor will not be reimbursed. If the contract is terminated by VSec the sponsor will be reimbursed with half sponsor fee.

Payment details: An invoice will be sent to the address above upon reception of the signed contract. All payments will be managed by the VSec Association (currently not established). Payments are to be paid no later than 30 days before the event dates for the contract to be valid and to be able to appear as a sponsor in the sponsoring material. Your sponsor logo will be made visible on our web page when payment has been received.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.