Posts are stored in the [_post] directory and are written in markdown, with YML front matter at the top for metadata. The title, author, and date properties should be set on all posts. The date should be in the filename in this formatting (

See this guide for further information: GitHub - Mastering Markdown

Example post

title: 'Awesome Security Post'
author: V
date: '1999-12-31'

A thing happened, and this is some intro content about it.


I am the rest of the post. Those three dashes above me designate
the cutoff point for the post summary that's displayed on the
/blog index page

Guidelines to keep in mind when publishing a blog

  • Posts must be related to Information Security and be relevant to either the VSec members or general public.
  • Posts that include material from and/or links to commercial parties must be limited as much as possible.
    Please consider open source alternatives.
  • Posts are reviewed by the VSec Community Board and could be discarded.
    Remember quality content is more valuable than quantity.
  • Make sure the date in the filename is today’s date + name (

Author profile

If you want to have you author profile information shown next to the article you should include author: name in the YML front matter. Your profile information need to be added to ‘_data/authors.yml’ and the picture to ‘assets/images/authors/filename.jpg’

Firstname Lastname:
  name   : "Firstname Lastname"
  avatar : "/assets/images/authors/picture.jpg"
  bio    : "My bio"
  location: "City, Denmark"
    - label: "E-mail"
      icon: "fas fa-fw fa-envelope"
      url: "mailto:[email protected]"
    - label: "Website"
      icon: "fas fa-fw fa-link"
      url: ""
    - label: "LinkedIn"
      icon: "fab fa-fw fa-linkedin"
      url: ""
    - label: "Twitter"
      icon: "fab fa-fw fa-twitter-square"
      url: ""
    - label: "GitHub"
      icon: "fab fa-fw fa-github"
      url: ""